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Asus Transformer Tf101 Gps Not Working

If they say it has GPS and it does but the GPS doesn't work inside a car which is where probably over 90% of GPS usage happens, then yeah, that is It has a less than fully functional feature which is ancillary to the reason 99% of people bought it. At best it sees a single satellite but it quickly disappears. So it looks like Asus will be releasing a software update some time next week, lets hope the update fixes the various problems that a number of users have experienced. http://bosseur.net/asus-transformer/asus-transformer-tf101-sound-not-working.html

If ASUS sold it saying "there's no GPS," would they all have still bought it? Both tablets are positioned inside a two-story house five feet away from an outside-facing wall with windows. When you are confronted with factual errors in your post, you should reply with an "oops! David Ruddock @spydie $300 without the GPS chip, huh?

No. Probably because there'll be another model along before too long. waste of money, huh? WiFi range isn't as good as the all-plastic Transformer, but functional antenna diversity did make best case performance virtually identical in our tests.

That's weak. FYI, Asus asked some users to send some logs to figure out why it's happening so I guess they are working on it. 0 4 years ago Reply dbareis As the Over 24 million … Location Taipei, 03 Categories Hardware, Software, Mobile Founders Wayne Hsieh, M.T. share|improve this answer answered Dec 28 '11 at 22:07 Gautham C. 82446 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote Perhaps this was the problem? (from the forum thread you posted):

If I have spent $500 on a GPS equipped device, I don’t expect to have to have another device costing $100+ to perform that function. You know damn well everyone bought it for Tegra 3. To discredit everyone by saying they shouldn't expect it to work, you end up looking like a douche. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1521304 Now, over four months after owners started complaining about nearly nonexistent GPS functionality, the company announced a fix that involves a massive GPS dongle.

Update: after the latest firmware upgrade today, GPS is working great now even without WiFi. ASUS removed GPS support from the Prime's spec sheet and made a public statement about it. I have a Vibrant and Navigation would not be possible without it. It just feels secure and reliable.

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If someone hurt your wittle fweewings then PM them, where your drivel isn't clogging the threads and your profanity isn't on display for people of any age to view. navigate here but no luck to get it fix still. Though stylish, aluminum enclosures are very good at blocking radio waves. Share Share this post on Digg Twitter Share on Facebook Reddit!

I feel like mine was all software. aaa I saw only two or three reports where GPS actually worked while driving. If you have a 3g or 4g phone(which most people do) all you have to do is usb tether or use the bluetoothe feature on your phone and tablet. http://bosseur.net/asus-transformer/asus-transformer-tf101-charger-not-working.html FORUMS Eee Pad Transformer Q&A, Help & TroubleshootingEee Pad Transformer GeneralEee Pad Transformer AccessoriesEee Pad Transformer Android DevelopmentEee Pad Transformer Themes and Apps Remove All Ads from XDA Analysis & Opinion

MrHG78 1,124 views 9:16 Loading more suggestions... Not like ASUS sold it saying that it was capable of or designed for such a use. I don't think it is.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Pezric If you include a feature (like in this case, the GPS) then you had best make DAMN SURE it works! I got my tf101 on day one and it's always had Honeycomb… Alwin Veltman Well, at least I can't update at the moment, guess they took it offline. happens in any initial release of ANY OS update.  Anyone remember Windows ME… hahahaha now that was something we would all love to forget. ASUS, I say you came out with one hell of a product don't let this minor taste in your fans mouth sour.

The original iPad placed the WiFi antenna behind the plastic Apple logo on the rear of the tablet. Being thinner than the iPad 2, the TF Prime presumably doesn't have the thickness to accommodate a WiFi antenna mounted in the middle of the chassis behind an RF window. I wonder why the Exynos 4000 series chip wasn't used in the original 10.1. this contact form I'd be glad to house it indefinitely, as a favor RyanSmithAT: @jamezrp I also wanted to see if perf improved over the OG PS4, but obviously historical results are no good

I hope it will be fixed soon, I belive them in ASUS.  For now, I have turned off ASUS day scene live wallpaper, and GPS, like two others made. Tried to update the GPS.conf under system/etc... While the WiFi location can be sometimes determined with scary accuracy, it will never tell you which way or how fast you're moving, so turn-by-turn navigation is out of question then. I'd say people unhappy about this are perfectly entitled to return their Prime if they don't like it, but not much else.

You don't have to have 3g turned on to make the ipad work (I have one). http://reviewedbyandy.com Andrew Hahahah trololololoololol! Here the Prime never gets a lock. The choice is to live with it or return it if Asus are failing to acknowledge and fix the problem.

My prime wifi and GPS are working fine. I'm sure many will be happy with the prime, even with the defect. If you ever get a chance to see it on a AMOLED screen then ake sure to change the color scheme to Blue or Amber. No joke...

But some issues, like the poor GPS capability, were seemingly addressed through placebo updates. Prime - Which to get?? I would have assumed they would use their own next-gen Exynos SoC for that, with Big.Little and ARM A15.

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