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Background Image Url Not Working Css


Gralka Pro Student 18,987 Points over 3 years ago Sanjay, The reason your background image is not showing up is because you added the background property to a style rule for As usual, a link would be helpful. Blueprint a sestina Animated plot required to leave behind trace Quine Anagrams! (Cops' Thread) Can spacecraft defend against antimatter weapons? However, why should I add a  , then the image shows up ? –CYB Apr 24 '14 at 2:59 @CYB: I am not an expert. this content

Clayton Allen

Helpful 0 Brian Martin almost 3 years ago Clayton, really do appreciate the reply but I'm still unable to overwrite the code for some reason. Let me upload all of my files - which is a pain - and see if that helps. DoubleDee 2011-12-04 02:38:05 UTC #14 ralph_m said: It the H1 appearing on pages but not the bg image? Have a look at what your web root path actually is, then append the path in your "url" and see if the image exista at that "full" path. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4859375/css-background-image-not-working

Css Body Background Image Not Working

My understanding is that in HTML, a forward slash represents the Web Root and therefore whether the page referencing this stylesheet is in the Web Root itself (e.g. "index.php") or in To break it down and explain exactly what you did…"background-image" is to specify just the image. There is nothing wrong with the CSS, so something else is amiss.

Music notation software for ubuntu Is the untested/empty statement true? Replace the text within the single quotes with your image name. http://cdpn.io/EmfoK you might try a "../" before img. Css Background Image Not Showing Up Hot Network Questions Why were pre-election polls and forecast models so wrong about Donald Trump?

If the H1 is appearing, then presumably the include is working. Css Background Image Not Displaying Browse other questions tagged html css image background or ask your own question. Nothing works. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14029277/css-background-image-not-displaying polyhedra 2012-12-21 16:34:10 UTC #11 It is importent to write CSS corectly.1) Write the CSS like this background: url(/img/slogan.png) 75px 50% no-repeat; Here is how to use the background propertie 2)

While "root relative" is certainly a reasonable term, I would argue that including the URI in a path makes it a network path rather than an absolute path. Css Background Image Not Loading Otherwise consider using relative paths. Give help. I want to put it on my .jumbotron div which is the first section of my website (besides the navbar, some would call it the hero section).

Css Background Image Not Displaying

Is adding the ‘tbl’ prefix to table names really a problem? Currently I have two folders in use: img folder, css folder.Do I have to move the image location to make it work? Css Body Background Image Not Working Why doesn't the UK produce hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts, despite having suitable climatic and horticultural conditions? Background Image Not Working In Chrome I believe the problem is with background: url(/images/debbie_160x45.png) no-repeat; which is HTML.

Setting the width and height did the trick. –brando May 28 at 23:32 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote As vicodin stated, your CSS code is wrong. http://bosseur.net/background-image/background-image-url-not-working-in-css.html Can an object *immediately* start moving at a high velocity? Edit:I didn't see your last post before I submitted this post - glad you sorted it out DoubleDee 2011-12-04 03:47:40 UTC #19 webdev1958 said: ok, just humour me for a minute I believe you wanted to use background in your second line. –MetalFrog Apr 9 '12 at 18:38 add a comment| up vote -1 down vote 1.Use this code in stylesheet body Css Background Color Not Working

Any suggestions How does Gandalf end up on the roof of Isengard? Success! Gralka Pro Student 18,987 Points J.T. http://bosseur.net/background-image/background-image-not-working-in-ie8.html About Blog News & Events Contact Sitemap © 1998–2013 ZURB, Inc.

Edit:I didn't see your last post before I submitted this post - glad you sorted it out As far as I recall, relative versus absolute paths for things like this don't Background-image Invalid Property Value University Online training for smarter product design. An absolute path is a hardware path that is indeed root relative and cannot be changed.

which folder? "images" folder?

You can read about the concept of struggle-based learning in teaching programming in this article. Did the GoF really thoroughly explore "Pattern Space"? Just use the type of path you are more comfortable with The last time I used an absolute path to specify the url in an include(), I think I was still Css Background Image Url Path How do unlimited vacation days work?

Jay Sharma 820 Points Jay Sharma Jay Sharma 820 Points over 3 years ago Hey, Thanks for the reply J.T Gralka, I have a folder on my desktop called "Website Design" For reference, here's the entire block for the header: body>header {
background-image: url("images/epsoclogo.jpg") no-repeat;
height: 300px;
padding: 33px;
color: #ccc;
(display: block is specified more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed http://bosseur.net/background-image/background-image-none-not-working.html How does sender and receiver clock time periods synchronize in data communication?

background: url('images-path') no-repeat 00; share|improve this answer edited May 18 '15 at 4:33 answered Feb 20 '11 at 6:04 user621162 1 background-image will break if you include position and repeat Browse other questions tagged html css twitter-bootstrap background-image or ask your own question. Other very common mistake is mismatch in the file name. share|improve this answer answered Jun 24 '14 at 9:42 user3750236 13 add a comment| up vote -1 down vote Use this one to add background--- background-image: url('images-path'); You can also add

Foundation The most advanced front-end framework in the world. Force browser to download latest CSS file Does the Rothschild family own most central banks? Can't figure this out. The only problem can be with PHP includes etc., where a url is not enough.

Debbie DoubleDee 2011-12-04 02:47:29 UTC #15 ralph_m said: It the H1 appearing on pages but not the bg image? give display:block to it and also add some text inside the tag and the see the result. I do all my coding on a "local" web server (xampp) and so it is essentially the same as working on the www. Like I said, I find relative paths a lot less problematic - but that's just me ralphm 2011-12-04 02:24:45 UTC #12 webdev1958 said: tbh, I find absolute paths can be a

share|improve this answer answered May 11 at 17:57 daniel.caspers 16010 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote I am using embedded CSS on a local computer. In other words, you should become comfortable with how your project is organized. Yes, it looks like you are correct...http://reference.sitepoint.com/css/background-image Unfortunately, SitePoint doesn't do a very job describing the URI/URL thingy... :-/ (Paths have got to be one of my weaknesses?!) GRRRR Debbie ralphm I had to use the absolute url in order for it to work i.e.

Can leaked nude pictures damage one's academic career? Jeremy Stover 1,457 Points Jeremy Stover Jeremy Stover 1,457 Points over 3 years ago Thanks for the help! Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up CSS Background image not loading up vote 3 down vote favorite I have followed all of the tutorials, which all say the

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