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Background Not Working In Ie


Thank you very much! http://ablakedemo.eyecandytours.com/index.php?q=myblog/60 Also, Internet Developers Tool bar is Fire Bug fro IE. Has anyone thought of a class action suite (we seem to sue for everything this seems justified). share|improve this answer answered Feb 4 '09 at 11:12 annakata 53.3k1290169 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote In Internet Explorer, URL inside CSS is relative to current page. this content

But W3Schools doesnt describe it that way. thank you. Check whether image path ../images/bg.png is correct. –Muthu Kumaran Oct 24 '12 at 1:37 Working link: jsfiddle.net/muthkum/CPWhS/1 –Muthu Kumaran Oct 24 '12 at 1:37 Damn..So what can ralphm 2012-09-24 10:50:33 UTC #4 Nina77 said: I just needed to save image as an 8-bit, it was 24-bit. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/510903/css-background-url-not-appearing-in-ie-works-in-ff-safari

Ie Background Image Not Showing

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I have used firebug extensively to debug my page errors but dont have a similar tool for IE7. Now I see where I went wrong with my shorthand. How? Css Background Image Ie 11 What helped in my case was to enable the bandwidth optimalisation of CSS-files in admin/settings/performance.

Resources 24/7 Support Academy Jobs & Pros The WhiP Blog 9 Ways to Protect Your WordPress Blog's Images from Theft SEO Checklist: 4 Simple Steps to Get Your WordPress Site Ranking I assume some deep embedded css in the views module for taxonomy titles as a block is causing IE to choke as well. hope this helps hanzray, Jul 26, 2009 IP Neophiliac Peon Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 Best Answers: 0 Trophy Points: 0 #8 i've been having the same problem for the http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13041769/div-background-image-not-working-with-ie I have broken the code down to its simplest form (removed any other offending css code) and left this div#myblog { background:url('../sites/all/themes/cmould/collage.png') #fff none; } div#myblog { background:url('/sites/all/themes/cmould/collage.png') #fff none; }

i am using Drupal 6.12 with Panels 2. Ie9 Background Image Not Showing What is a "horn" on a bass guitar? Using Wordpress 3.04 and Atahualpa 353 This is the site -http://earlofdesmond.com/ Thanks for any suggestions (or constructive criticisms!) #2 Mar 14, 2011, 08:43 AM lmilesw 10,172 posts · h1#envyName { background: url(images/envyLogo.png)no-repeat scroll 13px 0 transparent;} The above image will not show as there is no space between .png) and no-repeat.

Background Image Not Showing In Ie 11

If you use Java servlet you can use dummy URL and handle the request in background from the servlet. internet Word for a non-mainstream belief accepted as fact by a sub-culture? Ie Background Image Not Showing Any help appreciated. Ie11 Background Image Not Showing finally i tried using the "background-" definition instead of the "background" one and it worked...don't ask :S here's my code: original (didn't work in IE): .bigservi .middle p{ background:url("/mercatsec/img/icon_info_gris.gif")no-repeat top left;

rumblepup, Jul 28, 2006 IP ticalico Greenhorn Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 Best Answers: 0 Trophy Points: 11 #6 I had same problem. news It is made possible through sponsorships from products and services we like. *May or may not contain any actual "CSS" or "Tricks". If you dig deeper you can see that the post page has its image through CSS in the header using